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 Private Training


Private Puppy Package

4 sessions

1st session - 1 hour 

2nd, 3rd and 4th - 45 mins




*Additional travel fees may apply

Puppies go through a critical socialization period from 6 to about 16 weeks of age that will dramatically impact their behavior for the rest of their lives. During this period, their brains are like little sponges - soaking up everything they experience and filing it away for the future.

In the Mini Puppy Package, we will start with a 1 hour private consultation where we will provide you with guidance on the basics of owning and caring for your new puppy. We will discuss and troubleshoot common puppy behaviors such as jumping, nipping, house-soiling, separation anxiety and resource guarding.

Our 2nd and 3rd sessions will be 45 minutes in duration. Here we will be reviewing the previous week, and learning basic commands and leash manners.


Private Training


Duration for each session is approx. 1 hour






1 session - $140


  3 sessions - $330



  5 sessions - $550

Follow up sessions are $110 each



*Additional travel fees may apply

Private training can be done at the comfort of your home, in your neighborhood, or at a local park. During our one hour private session, we will work on leash handling skills and basic obedience. This option is perfect for dogs (or people), that are not comfortable in a group setting, or if you are just needing a little refresher!




Intensive Training



Duration for each session is 1 hour

Sessions are located in Clayton Heights (Surrey)





         Initial consultation- $120


Each session- $90



Our Intensive Private Training or Private Dog Walking service  is a beneficial way to have one of our trusted trainers, dive deep into a one to one session with your dog. 

This service is great for people who want their dog to learn some basic cues, but may not have the time or ability to  handle training on their own.

Many clients ask if we can just take their dog and train him/her for them. Well now there's a way! 

*Now offering this service in Ladner, Delta, Surrey, Langley and Coquitlam.



Behaviour/Reactive Dog 





Duration for each session is approximately 1 hour





3 sessions - $330



5 sessions - $550







*Additional travel fees may apply


During our consultation, we will discuss your dog's history, lifestyle, and troubling behaviors. From there, we will create a behavior modification plan to prevent, manage and treat the underlining issues. 

Any problem behaviors that result in fear, aggression or reactivity, are obvious candidates for a behavior consultation. We can also work on problem behaviors such as jumping, resource guarding, barking, separation anxiety, pulling on leash.

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