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 Group Classes


Puppy Manners

6 Classes - 1 hour 

Ages - 3 months to 6 months


Puppies go through a critical socialization period from 6 to about 16 weeks of age, that will dramatically impact their behavior for the rest of their lives. During this period their brains are like little sponges - soaking up everything they experience and filing it away for the future.

Our indoor puppy classes allow time for socialization with new people and dogs, in a secure and controlled environment. You will learn how to properly introduce your puppy to another dog, how to recognize acceptable behavior during playtime, and of course, all of the basics of obedience!


Sign up is available now!

 Wednesdays - 6pm at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds


Basic Manners

6 Classes - 45 minutes 

Ages - 6 months +


New to training or needing a refresher? Come work with your dog in a fun and spacious environment. In this group class we will work on leash walking skills and obedience, and we will tailor classes to individual needs. 

. You will have the opportunity to test your dogs ability and focus, while we slowly add in distance, distractions and duration.

New classes starting November 14th at 7:15pm


Fido Funzone

6 Classes - 45 minutes 

Ages 6 months +


Please note: This class is moving to 1484 216th street, Langley

We welcome all dog breeds from 6 months and up to attend this fun filled class. We will introduce you and your furry friends to a variety of different stations where they can climb, jump (depending on age), crawl through, and weave around.

Whether you are looking to continue socializing your dog around others, practice some basic obedience in a laid-back environment, or get started on some basic agility in a non competitive, fun-for-all environment, this is the class for you!


New class begins November 14th at 6:30 - 7:15pm 


Fido 2 Fast & Furiouszone

6 Classes - 45 minutes 

Ages 6 months +


Please note: This class is moving to 1484 216th street, Langley

Our Fido 2 Fast & Furious zone is for those who have completed our Fido Funzone class, or that have experience with running their dog through some Agility equipment previously! This class takes place inside an Equestrain centre, and will have 1-2 courses set up during the 45 minutes for you and your dog to run through!



New class begins November 14th at 7:30 - 8:15pm

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