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Training Philosophy


CrewK9 Trainers

Kate Crew 

  Kate is a Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist through the International Academy of Canine Trainers.

 Kate began her journey in animal care when she started working ​as an Animal Care Attendant at the Surrey, BCSPCA, LAPS and 2 dog boarding facilities. Kate later became the assistant trainer at the Amber Cottle Canine Training Center in Delta, BC. Kate is also the founder of a Bully Breed Rescue by the name of Loveabull Rescue Society


Heidi Nowrath

  Heidi is a Certified Dog trainer through the International Academy Of Canine Trainers. She has always had a deep connection with dogs stemming from when she was a young child. After completing her dog training course, Heidi started volunteering as a foster and trainer through Loveabull Rescue Society, which is where Kate and Heidi discovered their mutual passion for dog training. 

Learn more about Loveabull Rescue Society!

Loveabull Rescue Society was founded by Kate Crew in 2014. Kate has a dream that one day, we can dispel the myth about Bully Breed types. Loveabull is a foster based rescue that runs out of Cloverdale, BC. Kate hopes to combine her passion for training and rescue, and one day run the facility of her dreams in order to Advocate, Educate, Rescue and Rehabilitate.

There is a wide variety of information out there when it comes to dog training. You can easily find advice online, watch a video or read a book. You have probably even been given training advice by a friend or neighbor who believes their methods are right. So what is the right answer?

Well, there really isn't one.


What works for one dog, may or may not work for another dog. However, research has given us a lot of feedback over the years on which methods are the most humane, and effective, and we have seen the results for ourselves.

For our trainers and staff, the most important part about dog training is ensuring that you, the owner, are given the knowledge, the tools, and the confidence in themselves first and foremost. Our goal is to make training a fun experience for everyone involved. We cater to the needs of each individual client, their dog, and the environment that surrounds them.

There isn't a magic "one size fits all" way to train. We must understand a dogs personality. Breed traits, genetic predisposition, ,upbringing, and current environment, can all factor in to how your to dog views the world and the people around them. Therefor, it is important to have an individualized training plan for each client and their dog. 

Over the years, we have strived to keep our training methods up to date with the latest research and beliefs. We are big believers in Positive Reinforcement for teaching our furry friends basic cues and fun tricks. We follow the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA), strategy in order to succeed in achieving behavioural changes.

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