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Training Philosophy

Just like medicine and technology, canine training has evolved over the last 30 years. When training your dog, we want our training time to be a fun and exciting experience for your dog. 

We do not believe in using fear, intimidation, or pain as part of our dog training methods. In order to get the best response out of your dog, we whole-heartedly believe training should be a rewarding and pleasant activity for everyone involved. Simply put, we will teach you how you can prevent, manage, and change unwanted behaviours, all while still keeping your dogs spirit alive.


CrewK9 Trainers

Kate Crew 

  Kate is a Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist through the International Academy of Canine Trainers.

 Kate began her journey in animal care when she started working ​as an Animal Care Attendant at the Surrey, BCSPCA, LAPS and 2 dog boarding facilities. Kate later became the assistant trainer at the Amber Cottle Canine Training Center in Delta, BC. Kate is also the founder of a Bully Breed Rescue by the name of Loveabull Rescue Society


Heidi Nowrath

  Heidi is a Certified Dog trainer through the International Academy Of Canine Trainers. She has always had a deep connection with dogs stemming from when she was a young child. After completing her dog training course, Heidi started volunteering as a foster and trainer through Loveabull Rescue Society, which is where Kate and Heidi discovered their mutual passion for dog training. 

Kennedy B

   Kennedy is a Certified Dog Trainer through the Academy of Canine Trainers. Kennedy has always had a passion for all dogs, and knew at a very young age that she wanted to pursue a career in training. After obtaining her certification, she assisted CrewK9 during group classes and with private training sessions. 

We are happy to officially have Kennedy as part of the "crew." She is a valuable member to our training team and is a joy to work with.

Learn more about Loveabull Rescue Society!

Loveabull Rescue Society was founded by Kate Crew in 2014. Kate has a dream that one day, we can dispel the myth about Bully Breed types. Loveabull is a foster based rescue that runs out of Cloverdale, BC. Kate hopes to combine her passion for training and rescue, and one day run the facility of her dreams in order to Advocate, Educate, Rescue and Rehabilitate.

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